Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My sister asked me if I could make a magic wand. I wasn't really sure if I could, but how fun to try!

Wandering around the craft store I found various wood pieces, candle holders, spools, spindles and envisioned a way to put together a pretty cool wand.

I had to use my Dremel to widen the insides of the spools to make the pieces fit, but I liked the snug assembly as I think it gives it more sturdiness. Then I used some permanent glue to secure all the pieces. I finished it off with a coat of dark brown paint, a dry brushing of black, and some flecks of gold. I sanded parts of it and kept adding until it looked how I wanted it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My latest craft project

A neighbor of mine makes these super cute Holiday themed shelf sitters out of hard back books, and I wanted to make one that could stay up the whole year round.

To start, you need 3 hard back books of various sizes. I got mine from the library book sale awhile back to use as photography props for my jewelry, and hadn't used them recently. My neighbor says she gets hers mostly at thrift stores like the D.I.

Next, you need vinyl of different colors, transfer tape, and it's REALLY helpful to have a computer program so that you can control the size and layout of your cuts. I used the Cricut Design Studio. I think they are beta testing a free online version of it.

Just paint the books different colors, cut the vinyl in different colors and apply using the transfer tape. My neighbor embellishes her shelf sitters with a large bow, spray glitter, and floral picks. Since I wanted mine to be an all-year decoration, I decided to cut out a fleur-de-lis and apply it to the top book. Hot glue all the books together and you have a unique decoration for your home.

Warning: If your kids are bookworms like mine, you may be asked several times WHY you are painting a book.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jazber Creates (hide your glue guns)

Amber and I have been friends for a couple of years now (our daughters became BFFs in Kindergarten). I make jewelry for her and she takes stunning family photos for me. We have a super fun time. Lately, we have been on a craft kick and I just wanted to share some of our combined efforts/ideas

I think it started in July when she told me one night that she needed a "craft night" I gave her options from the craft supplies in my closet and she chose bows. I put bows together and she hot glued them to the clippies, and I think we made 20+ bows.

In September, I had a customer ask me if I could make 250 pendants for a Women's Retreat. I told her I couldn't because I'm a one woman company. She asked me to think about it. Then I told Amber about it, and she suggested that she would help and we could split the profits. I designed the image, printed and covered them, then Amber cut and pasted all of them into the bezels. I was astonished how quickly we got them done, and how well we work together.

In the middle of September, Amber found this idea on Pinterest for little wooden squares, painted with chalk paint and hung as a menu board.

One night, I went with her to Hobby Lobby. As she was collecting all of the necessary items to make these boards, I realized that it would be cheaper to buy an actual chalk board (not to mention it would save me from chalkboard paint fumes). So we bought one (using a 40% off coupon). She painted it and showed me where she wanted the words, and I got out the Cricut.

Next, she found this Halloween wreath (also on Pinterest). She wanted us to make it, but I thought it needed a little more "umph" to it.

So while I was at Hobby Lobby buying ribbon, I found the tulle on sale and made the wreath in the photo above for her.

End of September, first of October, it was time for "Wow Wednesday" a little craft night for the ladies in my church. I was in charge of finding another craft to add to our list. My friend, Suzi, had made me a Family Home Evening board a few years ago, and everyone admired it and wanted it. So I made a version of it, and gave the sample/prototype to Amber. (After I personalized it with her family photo)

Amber wanted Halloween decorations in her home. I only decorate for Christmas. Amber found the ghost idea on Pinterest (shocker) and made it with her kids. I got the Cricut Design Studio, and used it to make her a Boo/Spider sign. Didn't they turn out cute?

Then, last week, Amber said she needed a place to hang her keys. I had a plaque. I had hooks. AND, I had my Cricut (and some really neat transfer tape).

Now what will we make next?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

An example of my strange sense of humor

Last week I received my order of ceramic beads from Oriental Trading. In the box was a catalog of all of their "stuff". I love their small items for parties, but otherwise they are disposable.

Savannah took up the catalog and hunted through it the way we used to pour over the huge Sears catalogs. She found rubber duckies dressed as ninjas. She pointed them out to me & I told her I was not going to order ninja duckies.

Savannah then told me she did not want me to order the duckies. She was just planning her imaginary ninja ducky army.

Today, I was shopping for party favors for Libby's party. I didn't find ninja duckies, but I did find Halloween themed duckies & small plastic ninjas. So what did I do? I purchased them, brought them home, and then hid 6 duckies & 12 ninjas all around Savannah's room.

Whose ninja/ducky army is it now?

Friday, June 25, 2010

R is for...

...Road trips and Refinishing.

since the end of April, this is what my life has been full of.

weekend of May 1st - road trip to Cali to see my baby brother get married

1st stop- Santa Monica beach (windy but fun)

My baby brother Parker and his bride Teresa

My older sister Serena, Me, and my younger sister Corianne

The pier at Venice Beach

weekend of May 15 - road trip to AZ to see my best friend get married

Kristen Otto Hall and the Malstroms

Being the silly family that we are; we enjoy making dam jokes.

Stop over at Lake Powell for a rest from driving.

Memorial Day weekend - went to some garage sales and found this vanity for $20 and this mini-hutch for $10

Savannah loves makeup (and the color red) so I thought a red vanity would be perfect.
I never bought my girls a play kitchen, and since this looked like a kitchen to me (complete with dish rack) I decided to use it in the playroom.

weekend of June 12th - road trip to Mesquite to visit with family
the Malstrom children chillin at the pool with Dad.

The hotel pool even had a water slide.

last weekend - found this cabinet for $20 (it needed so much work that it took me 2 days)

So, what have you been up to?